Welcome to Ski Week

This Ski Week is a group of half minded drinkers with a skiing problem, meeting each year in Austria for a great week of Skiing and having fun on and off piste.
We are active followers of SkiPistos.

Due to the nature of drinking and skiing, the contents of this website might not be appropriate for third parties (i.e. google, facebook, moralists and political correctness heroes).

Therefore and for some other reasons this site is not open to the public. This is a private group and there is no public information on it.

If you know us, you can use the "Sign Up" to get access to the website. If you are already signed up, please login for more information.

Update January 2019:
This event has been growing slowly during the last 35 years. It has never been advertised actively. It was just mouth-to-mouth propaganda, which made this an unique event, run mainly by regulars with a small amount of newbies each year.

Right now, it looks like we have passed a critical mass and too many people have started to actively promote this event. VH3 Ski Week is running the danger of growing too big to handle.
Therefore we have not only stopped registration for Ski Week 2019, but also deactivated the "sign up" system for this website for the time being. There is no way in anymore (expect for active VH3 Hashers - let's talk in the circle).

It will be decided how we carry on as of 2019. Stay tuned. All information will be communicated.

More Information inside... (I see you when you get there, if you ever get there!)