September 2018 - We are almost full! Waiting List soon

Ski Week 2019 registration is going well and at this stage we are almost full. At the moment of writing this newsletter, we have 78 registrations and a prebooked capacity of 80 places. This means we are already using all the capacities we have booked in the neighboring hotel.

Right now we have 2 free places! But there is hope!

A Midsummer Update

Registration for Ski Week 2019 is open for a month and we already have more than 50 registrations (63%). Looks like the event is filling up quickly again and all 80 places will be gone by Autumn. Please make sure you pay your deposit asap!


Ski Week 2018 had 2 official (Re-)Namings!

During Ski Week 2018 we had 2 re-namings of a Hasher and a Harriette in the circle after the run. The namings have been carried out in the traditional way using holy water and bread. Here are the official emails that have been sent out to the Hashing world and to Lord GloBalls (OVH) in particular, for he is keeping the VH3 records.

SkiPistos woke up! Ski Week 2019 on the horizon and the GDPR!

After a long rest, SkiPistos woke up and made me go back to work and prepare Ski Week 2019. All information needed is online on the website. There are some changes on the website that had to be made in order to prepare it for the next event...

Ski Week 2018 is over!

Another great week is over. Once again we have been to Matrei i. Osttirol and again, it has been a great Ski Week. Our hosts in the hotel did a fantastic job and the skiing in Matrei was super. We had a lot of snow and even though the sun did not shine as much as in previous years, skiing was great! Most important is