Now, who the hell is Vindobona H3 (VH3)?

Let me start this way:
Vindobona (Celtic/Gaulish windo- "fair/white/blessed", bona "base/bottom"), presumably so-named from its geological/topological position was originally a Celtic settlement, and later a military camp on the site of the modern city of Vienna in Austria. Around 15 BC, the kingdom of Noricum was included in the Roman Empire. Henceforth, the Danube marked the border of the empire, and the Romans built fortifications and settlements on the banks of the Danube, including Vindobona. (ex. Wikipedia)

So you can tell, this place was a kind of a white bottom (in German you would say "Blanker Arsch"). It stayed a dirty and filthy place for centuries, grew up to a little city and when the Holy German Empire decided to expand to the East, it became part of that Empire.

Then some noble family from the Holy German Empire, called the Babenberger, came in (the Emperor needed some help to fight some locals and defend the Eastern borders of the Empire), but they didn't make it for long, they somehow died out after a couple of hundred years. History would have ended here, but there was a little unknown family with burning ambitions and history went on.

That family came from a little creepy castle in Southern Germany called the Habsburg. Well to cut it short, they got the country, which already was known as Ostarrichi. They made this little dirty town (ex Vindobona) their home and it became known as Vienna (Wien).

It took the Habsburgs about 800 years, to turn this city into one of the nicest places in the world (the locals claim). At some points in history there were some Turks trying to capture it. But they were kicked out and lost their most valuable cultural achievement. Since then, the Vindobonians claim to be the world capital of coffee houses. And they are right! Starbucks is just a weak copy of the original Viennese "Kaffeehaus", come and try it out.

The Hungarians also played a role, but that story I will tell you next time. Just stay tuned to this history channel.

Well. having said all this, the answer to the question might become clear right now.

Vindobona Hash House Harriers (VH3) is the Hash chapter located in Vienna/Austria. To find out more about VH3, see

Vindobona Hash House Harriers are known as the worlds worst hash.