Hash Houses Harriers - The World of Hashing

Hashing is about drinking and running. Let's say, some running. Hashing has a long history, going back to the 1930's and has become an integral part in the culture of all countries in this world

The running, of course, is a must to lay the basis for the real thing, the drinking. You need to run to get rid of your hangovers and prepare your body for the next drinking.

And that leads to the whole idea of it: Hashing is a social event taking place all over the world in hundreds of Hash Chapters. The whole idea of Hashing is quite anarchic since there is no formal organisation behind all this. You can say, Hash House Harriers are the only anarchic structure that is successfully working world wide!
It is almost completely based on self organisation and people just standing up and contributing. There is no formal membership or things like this, you just show up, you like it and you come again. Unlike other sports, hashing works without a Switzerland based organisation. This means, it tends to be corruption free. And the best of it, there are no rules at all (well, we have some traditions...)!

In all those years that Hashing exists, various traditions have developed. There are many of them. Like once you showed up a couple of times and if the pack decides you are worthy, they might rename you, giving you a Hash Name (Hash Handle). Or you will drink out of new shoes. Tradition also has it, that Hashers always wear appropriate gear.

Besides the running, there is some drinking in a circle. In most places of this world the circle will take place in public. That of course only works in free countries. Some countries in this world don't allow this, so Hashers are forced to circle up in private places or hide in cellars and so on. But this is an exception and basically only happens in fundamentalist countries and states (i.e.Afghanistan, Iowa,...).

Since this page is addressing active Hashers only, we do not consider it necessary to provide any more information on Hash House Harriers at all, you should know. If you are not acquainted to hashing at all, you are on the wrong page anyway. Leave it immediately (i.e. by using this link "please bring me where I belong..").

If you should be interested in the world of hashing, just type "Hash House Harriers" into your favourite search engine (don't use the big US based ones, because they might block H3 pages due to political incorrect content) and you will find a lot of information. Or you just visit the webpage of Vindobona Hash House Harriers.