Welcome to VH3 Ski Week

VH3 Ski Week is a group of half minded drinkers with a skiing problem, meeting each year in Austria for a great week of Skiing and having fun on and off piste. We are active followers of SkiPistos.

Due to the nature of drinking and skiing, the contents of this website might not be appropriate for third parties (i.e. google, facebook, moralists and political correctness heroes).

Therefore and for some other reasons this site is not open to the public. The closed area (the "Sanctuary of SkiPistos") gives all the details about SkiPistos, Ski Week, the upcoming and past events. It also provides the registration form.

What you should do when you are interested in VH3 Ski Week:

  • You should sign up for the Community (use the "I want to become a follower" - Link in the login module to the right). Your application will have to be approved by an administrator and by SkiPistos. If you are not known to us, be ready to answer some questions by email. This process may take a couple of days.
  • Only active Hash House Harriers can sign up. This is a Hash Event!
  • After your approval you can login and read all the information on Ski Week, as well as register for the upcoming event.
  • Each registration needs an account. You can only register yourself after login.
  • Once a member of the fellowship, you will also be on our mailing list.
  • Please Note: To become a follower (sign up) does not mean, you register for the next event! This would be a second step.

Ski Week 2018 will take place from Saturday March 10th to Saturday March 17th 2018.

Registration still open. A few places left. Registration will close January 31st.
(You need to login to register for the event, which means you might need to sign up first)




p.s. If you want to keep informed, please subscribe to the RSS feed in the News